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Each pair of gloves is sterile until their packaging is opened, wet or damaged.






Synthetic rubber nitrile reduces the risk of latex allergy.

Q. For how long does the glove's sterile protection last?

A..The gloves are sterile until they are removed from their packaging or until the packaging is torn or wet.


Q. Are the gloves disposable?

A. Yes, and the packaging is fully biodegradable.


Q. How are the gloves made sterile?

A. Through a safe radiation treatment and sealing in packaging.

Unit (50 pairs of gloves)


Large: 23-221-833

Medium: 23-221-823

Small: 23-221-813


Carton of 6 units


Large: 23-211-834

Medium: 23-221-824

Small: 23-221-814

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